SHREDmill in Houston, TX

Want to be the fastest person on the field or court? Train like the Pros train.


Backed by data and design, the SHREDmill + SHREDmill App help maximize athletes’ genetic potential and avoid roadblocks to elite performance, such as injuries, lack of training time, and improper equipment. Once peak speed is achieved, the intuitive SHREDmill software builds a custom training plan that adapts to every athlete’s shifting speed needs.


The SHREDmill has trained 40 record-breaking NFL Combine runners. Are you ready for yours?

Simulates Game Speed

Self-propelled, scientifically proven technology puts the athlete’s movement in complete control of the momentum. 

Creates Smarter Strides

With our patented magnetic resistance system, athletes can stay hyper-focused on the proper form needed to generate maximum speed on the field.

Train in All 4 Seasons

Just because the weather is terrible doesn’t mean we can’t train. Shredmill gives you amazing training indoors.

Prevents Injury

Short training sessions won’t exhaust or limit athletes on training days. The SHREDmill ensures athletes use proper biomechanics, creating stronger joints and mitigating injury.

Provides Instant Feedback

Athletes’ running form, power, and stride length/frequency with efficiency are constantly being fed back into the software, showing speed to the tenth of an MPH.

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