I started at IronWillSPT my senior year. In the beginning, my goals were short term and consisted of preparing myself for my last softball season of high school. I wanted to put up great numbers my senior year, and help my team make a run in the playoffs. My goal to reach this was to lift more and get faster and going to train at Iron Will was the best decision I could have made for myself. He made a great training plan for me to reach all these goals, and he pushed me to be the best athlete I could be. I met my goal when I made all-state at the end of my senior season. The strength and speed I gained by going to Iron Will allowed me to push my game even further on the softball field. The summer before college, I had the same goals for myself. I wanted to go to North Carolina a better all-around athlete, and Cisco helped me get ready for it. I wanted to be prepared on all fronts so I could compete with my new teammates on the field and in the weight room. I have become a better athlete because of Cisco, and I have become much stronger and faster because of him. He has instilled in me a great work ethic, and he has helped me become a better player. He has prepared me for every college work out and allowed me to go to school extremely confident in my abilities. I still have many more goals I have set for myself in my athletic future, and I know with Cisco’s help me get there. I am so grateful for everything Cisco has done for me and is continuing to do for me, and I can’t wait to get back to training when I get home!

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